HCI International 2015
Los Angeles, CA, USA
2-7 August 2015

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T01: Mobile Persuasion Design: Combining Information Design and Persuasion Design in Mobile Apps to Change People’s Behavior

Sunday, 2 August 2015, 09:00 - 12:30

Aaron Marcus (short bio)
Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc., Berkeley, California, United States


Participants in this tutorial will:

  • Learn new terms and concepts to understand mobile user-centered design, personas, use-scenarios, and especially information-design theory, motivation-theory, and persuasion-design theory.
  • Learn how these concepts relate to the design of mobile user-interface components (metaphors, mental models, navigation, interaction, and appearance).
  • Learn practical trade-offs from studying competitive analyses and case-study results of at least four detailed concept-design prototypes


The tutorial reviews four case studies of mobile persuasion design for smart phones and tablet concepts that combine information design and motivation/persuasion design to change people’s behavior. Each case study will review the subject matter, personas and use scenarios, information architecture, wirefames and detailed screen designs, as well as evaluations. Special attention will be given to dashboards, roadmaps, focused social media, just-in-time tips/advice, and incentives (awards, rewards, games, nostalgia shops, points, workshops, etc.) Case studies include the Green Machine, the Health Machine, the Money Machine, and the Story Machine. Other case studies may be mentioned/shown, depending on time available: the Travel Machine, the Innovation Machine, the Learning Machine, the Driving Machine, the Happiness Machine, and the Marriage Machine.

Target Audience:

The tutorial is appropriate for:

  1. people who are new to the topic
  2. people who have some experience with the HCI and/or mobile UX design, persuasion design and the subject-matter areas covered
  3. people who have lots of experience with HCI and/or mobile UX design, persuasion design, and the subject-matter areas covered

The target audience includes HCI/UX/CHI/Visual/Mobile professionals in these (alphabetical order) technology, business, and marketing professions: Analysts, Anthropologists/Ethnographers, Designers (Mobile, Visual, Product, Service), Evaluators of Usability and User-Experience, Marketers, Researchers, Software Engineers

Bio Sketch of Presenter:

Mr. Marcus (AM+A) has written over 350 articles; published 15 books, including The Past 100 Years of the Future: HCI in Science-Fiction Movies and Television (2012) and is completing Mobile Persuasion Design (2015). He has written chapters/case studies for seven Handbooks of UI design, information appliances, and culture; has presented lectures/organized panels about mobile persuasion design, culture, and science- fiction, and HCI since 1980; has published, lectured, and tutored at conferences internationally; and consulted internationally, for more than 45 years. He is the Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of User Experience, is an Editor of Information Design Journal, wrote a regular column for Interactions for five years, serves/served on the editorial/advisory boards of Visible Language; and the International Institute for Information Design. He is a Visiting Professor at IIT’s Institute of Design in Chicago, and is a Master of the De Tao Academy in Shanghai. He is also an International Advisor to the Dragon Design Foundation, Beijing, China.

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